Are you certain you have the best financial structure that meets your investment needs?

As part of your overall package, we offer a service that will assess your position and help you make an informed choice for your lending solution, with access to more than 30 lenders and 300 products.

Your personal Abound Lending Services representative will guide you through the settlement process and be there to help with any future purchases.

Are you?

We take the complex and make it simple for you.

We help to:

  • Remove the pressure of making the right decision
  • Set up a financial structure that brings immediate rewards
  • Look at how you can achieve long-term financial goals
  • Complete all the required paperwork

Home and investment loans

In this interesting economic climate, we are well positioned to ensure you are linked with a lender that has the most competitive interest rate with a loan structure that meets all your financial needs, including:

  • offset facilities to allow you to pay your mortgage off more quickly
  • a line of credit to help you finance your investment purchase
  • Consolidate your debt to simplify and reduce your repayments.

Commercial loans

If you are thinking about buying a new business or commercial property, our extensive experience in in this area may prove invaluable. With an aim to save you both time and money, Abound can:

  • advise on a suitable purchase
  • assess the value of the business or property
  • help you set up the best business structure
  • provide finance for the purchase
  • arrange overdraft and other business banking facilities.   

Vehicle and equipment finance

Choosing the best vehicle and equipment finance is not always easy – and refinancing can sometimes be costly. With our wealth of knowledge we can help you choose the loan with the most suitable GST and repayment requirements that fit within your limits.

Mortgage protection insurance

With the economic and political climate the way it is, ensuring you can meet your mortgage payments is a number one priority. We understand that sometimes life can throw us curveballs that put us in unexpected situations. For this reason, we help you choose from the huge array of insurances to ensure your mortgage payments are covered.

Refinancing and Debt consolidation

When was the last time you had a mortgage 'health check'?

Regular reviews of your home loan & other debts is essential. Lenders, from time to time will offer new products & rates that may suits your need better.

Debt consolidation is a large part of our business. Do you have personal or car loans & credit cards? Providing you have equity in your property, you may be able to consolidate all of your debt on a home loan & therefore reduce your overall monthly payments.

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